Best Camera for Streaming: Sony a7 III vs Panasonic GH5

Best Camera for Streaming: Sony a7 III vs Panasonic GH5

Discussing the pros & cons of using the Panasonic GH5 and Sony a7 III for streaming. Including: Overheating, Time Limits, HDMI output, and Battery Life.

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Table of Contents:
0:00 – Intro
0:48 – Quick Summary
1:05 – Sony a7 III Section Starts
1:07 – No HDMI Info. Display at 4K
1:55 – No 30p in List in HDMI Options (Only 60p & 24p)
2:44 – With HDMI Info. Display Enabled, No Menu on LCD Screen
4:06 – Does the 30-Minute Record Limit Apply to Streaming?
4:27 – Is Overheating an Issue While Streaming?
5:13 – Battery Life While Streaming & Using USB Power
5:49 – Autofocus Performance During Stream
6:09 – Start of GH5 Section
6:10 – Autofocus Settings for GH5 Streaming
6:47 – Streaming Using Panasonic Image App
7:45 – AC Adapter for GH5 for Longer Streams
8:58 – Other Observations – Both Work Really Well
9:47 – No Issues with GH5 HDMI Info. Display at 4K
10:08 – Wrap Up

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