How to Color Match Cameras & Grade Log Footage without a LUT

How to Color Match Cameras & Grade Log Footage without a LUT

Tutorial on matching the colors from different camera brands, using a color checker, making custom LUTs, and grading log footage manually without a LUT.
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Table of Contents:
0:00 – The Problem…
0:59 – Differences Between Sony & Canon Skin Tones
1:55 – Using ACES to Match Doesn’t Always Work
2:54 – LUTs Are Rarely Designed to Color Match
4:06 – What about Transforming to Alexa First?
5:09 – Color Matching Manually with Color Checker
6:42 – How to Use the Vectorscope
8:20 – How to Match Skin Tones without a Color Checker
11:35 – Matching Colors Using Hue & Saturation Curves
13:15 – How to Match the Exposure & Luma Curve without a LUT
14:49 – Using Curves to Match the Shadows and Roll-off
16:27 – Grading Log from Scratch
17:26 – Step 1: Exposure Curve
18:08 – Step 2: Correct White Balance
18:44 – Step 3: Add Saturation
19:01 – Step 4: Add Contrast
19:44 – Step 5: HSL Color Correction
22:04 – Step 6: Refine the Saturation & Skin Tone
23:09 – Step 7: Double-Check White Balance
23:59 – Step 8: Final Contrast & Highlight Adjustments
24:45 – Save the Grade as a LUT
25:21 – Save a Color Preset using Grab Still

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