INSTANTLY IMPROVE Your PHOTOS & VIDEOS with Blend Modes + Clarity Effect in Premiere Pro & Photoshop

INSTANTLY IMPROVE Your PHOTOS & VIDEOS with Blend Modes + Clarity Effect in Premiere Pro & Photoshop

Instructions on using blend modes Overlay, Soft Light & Linear Light in Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Pro to make your photos and videos pop in one easy step. Get the Clarity look in Premiere Pro.

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In Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro CC the Blend Mode menu is subdivided into six categories based on similarities between the results of the blend modes. The category names do not appear in the interface; the categories are simply separated by dividing lines in the menu. In this video we are discussing the complex category.

The complex category includes Overlay, Soft Light, Hard Light, Vivid Light, Linear Light, Pin Light, Hard Mix. These blend modes perform different operations on the source and underlying colors depending on whether one of the colors is lighter than 50% gray.

“Overlay” multiplies or screens the input color channel values, depending on whether or not the underlying color is lighter than 50% gray. The result preserves highlights and shadows in the underlying layer.

“Soft Light” darkens or lightens the color channel values of the underlying layer, depending on the source color. The result is similar to shining a diffused spotlight on the underlying layer.

“Linear Light ” burns or dodges the colors by decreasing or increasing the brightness, depending on the underlying color. If the underlying color is lighter than 50% gray, the layer is lightened because the brightness is increased. If the underlying color is darker than 50% gray, the layer is darkened because the brightness is decreased.

We can combine these blend modes along with other effects like “Gaussian Blur”, “Invert”, “Black & White”, and “Opacity” to make unique looks that can’t be achieved using traditional techniques. Two of the effects that I show you how to make in this video include my signature “Dream Effect” which benefits from a desaturated and softer image with a diffuse glow, and my “Crunchy Effect” which is a brute force technique for creating a similar look to the beloved Camera Raw & Lightroom slider for “Clarity”.

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