Lux vs Lumens vs Nits – A Photographer’s Guide to Light Units

Lux vs Lumens vs Nits – A Photographer’s Guide to Light Units

Explaining the uses and differences between lux, lumens, & nits from a photographer/videographer’s perspective to help with buying lights & led panels.

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Lux to Lumens Calculator:

Table of Contents:
0:23 – Disclaimers
0:39 – The Units of Light
0:52 – What Are Watts? Radiant Flux vs Power Consumption
1:43 – Light bulbs Are Measured in Lumens & Luminous Flux
1:56 – What is Flux?
2:11 – Candela vs Lumens & Converting Light bulbs
3:11 – LED Panels Use Lux
3:23 – The Difference between Lumens & Lux
4:04 – The Importance of Beam Angles on Illuminance
4:38 – Convert Lumens of a Light Bulb into Lux
5:23 – What Are Foot-Candles? & Conversion to Lux
5:47 – Watts on a LED Panel
6:08 – Luminance or the Brightness of a Surface (Nits)
6:43 – What Is a Nit?
7:07 – Illuminance vs Luminance / Lux vs Nits
7:42 – Practical Examples: The Sun & Sky
8:03 – How Many Nits Is the Sun?
8:12 – Guide Number? To Be Continued…

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