Nikon Z6 vs Sony a7 III: Video Features, 10-Bit vs 8-Bit, & Battery Life

Nikon Z6 vs Sony a7 III: Video Features, 10-Bit vs 8-Bit, & Battery Life

Nikon Z6 review with comparison to Sony a7 III for video features, autofocus, image quality, 10-bit vs 8-bit recording, battery life, and value.

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Table of Contents:
1:00 – Front-Facing Tally Light
1:20 – Face Detection in 4K over HDMI
1:55 – Nikon Z6 Face Detection Performance Test
2:20 – LCD Screen Turning off During HDMI Recording
3:20 – Bitrate Comparison: Sony vs Nikon
4:05 – N-Log vs S-Log 2: Pushing Blue Skies
6:06 – Sony Cine2/Cinema vs Nikon Flat
6:30 – 8-bit vs 10-bit with Extreme Grade
6:49 – Nikon Flat vs N-Log for Color Accuracy
7:52 – The Lenses I Used for the Tests
8:05 – Sharpness & Image Quality Comparison
8:38 – Battery Life & USB Power
10:06 – Video Autofocus Tests & Settings
11:37 – Ergonomics: Dials & Buttons
12:54 – Photo/Video Switch, Joystick, & AF-ON Button
13:55 – Screen Size Comparison
14:13 – Focus Peaking & Zebras
14:32 – Customizing Video Display: Histogram, Audio Levels, etc.
15:14 – Audio Quality: Internal Preamp Noise Test
16:06 – Do I Like the Nikon Z6?
16:27 – Is It Worth the Money?
17:37 – Which Would I Buy Today: Nikon Z6 or Sony a7 III?

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