Panasonic S1 Review: LARGE and in CHARGE (S1 vs Sony a7 III vs GH5)

Panasonic S1 Review: LARGE and in CHARGE (S1 vs Sony a7 III vs GH5)

Review of the Panasonic Lumix S1 for photo & video with comparison to the Sony a7 III and GH5 for autofocus, low light, stabilization, & video recording.

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Table of Contents:
0:39 – Start of the Photography Section
0:56 – Build Quality Overview
1:08 – EVF & Tilt Screen
1:32 – Battery Life & USB Charging
1:57 – Photo Functions (6K, High Resolution, etc.)
2:11 – Sheer Overlay & Focal Length On-Screen Display
2:43 – Night Mode & I.S. Status Scope
3:10 – IBIS for Photography
3:22 – Panasonic Lumix S 24-105mm f/4 Macro O.I.S. Lens
3:51 – High ISO, Low Light Performance vs Sony a7 III & GH5
4:23 – DxO Mark Score & Image Quality

4:47 – Autofocus Section Starts
4:57 – Testing Method: Set to Focus Priority for AF-C
5:40 – Panasonic S1 vs Sony a7 III for Fast Action/Sports
6:45 – Panasonic S1 Face Detection, Eye AF, Spot AF, and 225 Wide
7:11 – Outdoor AF Test: Front & Backlit Situations
7:45 – Photo Buffer Size and Clearing for UHS-II, UHS-I, and XQD
8:15 – Hotshoe Is the Same: Using Previous Flashes & Accessories
8:37 – Manual Focus Performance & Improvements
9:02 – Raw Compatibility & Workflow

9:27 – Start of Video Section
9:45 – 4K60 Limitations
10:03 – Available Bitrates & Bit Depths
10:26 – HDMI Capabilities & Creative Video Functions
10:54 – Quirks with the High Speed Video Mode & HDMI
11:36 – Ports & Connections
11:52 – Overheating Tests
12:07 – Color Compatibility between S1 & GH5
12:28 – Continuous AF for Video
12:57 – Stabilization for Video & Boost I.S.
13:24 – Rolling Shutter Tests
13:33 – Audio Tests: Noise, Built-in Mic Quality, & Mic Level Settings
14:53 – Separate Photo & Video Settings
15:30 – Value Considerations & Comparisons

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