Pixel Binning vs Line Skipping / Why the Nikon Z6 Is Better for Video

Pixel Binning vs Line Skipping / Why the Nikon Z6 Is Better for Video

Comparing sensor readout methods of the Nikon Z6 (Sony a7 III) vs the Nikon Z7 (Sony a7R III) for video. Oversampling, Line Skipping, Pixel Binning, & Cropping.

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Table of Contents:
1:07 – Sensor Readout Methods Covered
1:20 – Why We Need Cropping or Line Skipping, etc.
1:57 – Pros & Cons of Sensor Cropping
2:37 – What Is Oversampling & Downsampling for Video?
3:34 – The Benefits of Recording at a Higher Resolution
3:51 – How Smaller Pixels Reduce Noise, Aliasing, & Moire
4:36 – What Is Aliasing?
5:12 – What Causes Moire?
5:24 – Blur Filters: AA (Anti-Aliasing) & Optical Low-Pass Filters
6:44 – Recap on Why Cropping Is Bad
7:08 – What Is Line Skipping & Is It Better?
8:33 – Why DX & Super35 Modes Are Better on the Z7 & a7R III
10:02 – What is Pixel Binning & Why It’s Better Than Line Skipping
10:50 – Sony’s Weighted Pixel Binning & Noise Averaging
12:04 – Conclusion: It’s All about Balancing Processing Speed

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