The BEST SD Card for VIDEO & What Do The Numbers Mean? (Sony a7 III & GH5)

The BEST SD Card for VIDEO & What Do The Numbers Mean? (Sony a7 III & GH5)

Explaining the meaning of the numbers, classes, and speeds on SD Card Labels & figuring out which SD card is the best to get for 4K video shooting.

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Products Mentioned:
SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB SDXC V30:

Table of Contents:
1:06 – Basic Features of an SD Card & Photo vs Video Shooting
1:19 – The Read Speed on the Face of Card
1:52 – The Classes That Actually Dictate the Speed
2:20 – Basic Speed Class: Class 10 = 10 MB/s Write Speed
2:48 – Megabytes vs Megabits
3:11 – UHS Speed Class: U1 = 10 MB/s Write Speed
3:25 – The Roman Numerals: I = UHS-I
3:43 – SDHC: What Does the HC Mean? (FAT32)
4:15 – 4GB Limit on FAT32 File System
4:50 – SDXC: The exFAT File System Won’t Break up Video Files
5:22 – SDHC Only Reaches 32GB; 64GB Cards Will Be exFAT
5:53 – U3 – UHS Speed Class 3 = 30 MB/s Write Speed
6:03 – Video Speed Class (V30, V60, V90) – Video Recording Speed
7:07 – UHS-I vs UHS-II Cards
7:55 – UHS-II Backward Compatibility & Benchmarks
8:57 – Is a V30 Card Fast Enough for Sony a7 III, GH5, G9, etc.?
9:43 – Conclusion: Which Card to Get?Β
10:26 – How Long Can you Record Video with a 64GB Card?
11:00 – Dealing with Dual Card Slots: Backup Recording vs Relay

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