The Evolution of Autofocus – Canon EOS R vs Sony a7 III vs Panasonic G9

The Evolution of Autofocus – Canon EOS R vs Sony a7 III vs Panasonic G9

Comparing the technology behind autofocus systems like Canon’s Dual Pixel AF in the new EOS R, the hybrid phase-detection in the Sony a7 III, & the Depth from Defocus Contrast Detection found in the Panasonic Lumix G9.

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Table of Contents:
1:20 – Misconception: Everyone Thinks Contrast Detection is Bad
2:04 – How Phase Detection Autofocus Works
2:55 – How Contrast Detection Autofocus Works
3:50 – Ways Contrast Detection Is Better Than Phase Detection
4:45 – Ways Phase Detection Is Better Than Contrast Detection
4:54 – The Pulsing You See with Contrast Detection
5:43 – How Mirrorless Cameras Handle This Differently
6:43 – How Camera Makers Decided to Solve These Problems
6:51 – Solution #1: Hybrid AF & How It Works
7:30 – Solution #2: Dual Pixel CMOS AF & How It’s Different
8:28 – Shortcomings of Canon’s Dual Pixel AF
8:47 – How the EOS R Addresses These Issues
9:10 – Why Dual Pixel Is the Best for Video
9:42 – Why the Modern Hybrid AF Systems (Sony) Are My Favourite
10:10 – But the Panasonic G9 Is Still Faster because of DFD
10:20 – Solution #3: What is Depth from Defocus & How It Works
11:42 – The Limitations of Depth from Defocus
12:33 – Why Some Lenses Perform Better Than Others
13:00 – The Importance of Autofocus Points & Coverage
14:13 – Why You Shouldn’t Use Focus & Recompose
15:42 – Practical Applications: Which AF System to Use When
17:22 – Final Thoughts – Most Autofocus Systems Are Great

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