What Camera Gear Do YouTubers Use?

What Camera Gear Do YouTubers Use? (2021 Edition)

I asked my YouTuber friends in the photo/video & tech genres to tell me what camera gear they use to film their YouTube video.
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Relevant Links:
DSLR Video Shooter: https://bit.ly/3h4nSQG
Tom Buck: https://bit.ly/3h4nZf4
Manny Ortiz: https://bit.ly/3gTytik
iPhonedo: https://bit.ly/3qqkIuF
Philip Bloom: https://bit.ly/3jeCPlG
DPReview TV: https://bit.ly/3gR8OXD
Potato Jet: https://bit.ly/3vT4fQR
Marques Brownlee: https://bit.ly/3qsjj6N
MAKE. ART. NOW.: https://bit.ly/3dbQiqG
Tom Green: https://bit.ly/2UF7Vc7
Peter Lindgren: https://bit.ly/3jacXHO
Cody Wanner: https://bit.ly/3jcE2Ko
Levi Allen: https://bit.ly/3xRYIeH
Jesse Driftwood: https://bit.ly/3zTon8V
Patrick Tomasso: https://bit.ly/3ddfYn4
Hardware Canucks: https://bit.ly/3w0CNAB
Becki and Chris: https://bit.ly/3x1xbri
Carlos Quintero: https://bit.ly/35OZxcb
Jacques Slade: https://bit.ly/3vXHyuK
Rene Ritchie: https://bit.ly/3qoqf50
iJustine: https://bit.ly/3ja06p7
Dunna Did It: https://bit.ly/3gV1jiz
The Everyday Dad: https://bit.ly/3xXNKVf
PiXimperfect: https://bit.ly/2UseeQ3
Sara Dietschy: https://bit.ly/3qCw13j
Jared Polin: https://bit.ly/2SrzHIh
Lee Zavitz: https://bit.ly/3wRd3YR
Valentina Vee: https://bit.ly/3gVA7Ag
EposVox: https://bit.ly/35P0mlh
Tommy Callaway: https://bit.ly/35P0z83
Fellow Filmmaker: https://bit.ly/3gWZamx
Chris Hau: https://bit.ly/3qqmzQ9
James Matthews: https://bit.ly/3gZfrWM
Gordon Laing: https://bit.ly/3qs3vAY
Lizzie Peirce: https://bit.ly/3jeeqwQ
New Layer: https://bit.ly/35YBffT
Chris Brockhurst: https://bit.ly/2U3TZYZ
Terry Warfield: https://bit.ly/3A0cJJa
Atola Visuals: https://bit.ly/3ddhSUK

Table of Contents:
0:00 – Intro & Disclosure
1:00 – DSLR Video Shooter
1:27 – Tom Buck
2:06 – Manny Ortiz
2:45 – iPhonedo
3:31 – Gerald Undone
3:59 – Philip Bloom
4:48 – DPReview TV
5:30 – Potato Jet
6:13 – Marques Brownlee
6:45 – MAKE. ART. NOW.
8:05 – Tom Green
8:42 – Peter Lindgren
8:59 – Cody Wanner
9:27 – Levi Allen
9:56 – Jesse Driftwood
10:36 – Patrick Tomasso
10:55 – Hardware Canucks
11:21 – Becki and Chris
11:57 – Carlos Quintero
12:17 – Jacques Slade
12:33 – Rene Ritchie
13:10 – iJustine
13:26 – Dunna Did It
13:38 – The Everyday Dad
14:02 – PiXimperfect
14:57 – Sara Dietschy
15:19 – Jared Polin
16:10 – Lee Zavitz
16:53 – Valentina Vee
17:49 – EposVox
18:10 – Tommy Callaway
18:30 – Fellow Filmmaker
18:48 – Chris Hau
19:23 – James Matthews
19:58 – Gordon Laing
20:40 – Lizzie Peirce
21:20 – New Layer
21:38 – Chris Brockhurst
22:20 – Terry Warfield
22:41 – Atola Visuals
23:34 – Outtakes

Gear Used to Make This Video:
Camera: https://geni.us/1MQhzI
Lens: https://geni.us/LB7iE
Microphone: https://geni.us/I40Dn
Recorder: https://geni.us/ZLyb
Key Light: https://geni.us/AQto9
Complete Gear List: https://kit.co/GeraldUndone/youtube-video-gear

Best Deals for Camera Gear:
Amazon Top Deals: https://geni.us/WSMAS
B&H Deal Zone: https://bhpho.to/2SCDrnj

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